Promotion with payment per conversion

The goal is to attract the leads from the website.

Cost is from 50000 ฿ per month.

Who for

This scheme is the closest one to the real business goals and doesn’t carry any risks for the client. Only well-developed companies can use this scheme when all the processes are functioning properly, but you want them to work even better. According to the statistics, we can work with around 3% of clients by this scheme.


  • The website sells a competitive product or service. The sales are going well, but the company wants to increase the sales volume
  • The website looks well in terms of functionality and content compared to competitors
  • Willingness to present the statistics of the visits and conversions from the website for the last 2 years
  • Willingness to actively participate in improving the website
Tasks executed
  1. We take care of driving the traffic to your website, and to convert it.
  2. We set up a tracking system for your website conversion.
  3. We use different methods to attract traffic: SEO, contextual advertising, banners, etc.
  4. We analyze the website usability, and offer solutions to improve it. We create prototypes of the solution and implement it.
  5. We perform post-click analysis. Measure the effectiveness of the traffic sources, and adapt the strategy, if needed.
  6. Together with the client we make sure that the content on the website is comprehensive. Client provides the content and we design and upload it.
  7. We analyze client’s business logic and upgrade the website for better integration, and for it to be able to solve business goals.
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