Contextual advertising for the website website

Contextual advertising for the website website
Website address:
Region: the Russian Federation
Customer: The investment system “Voskhod” is a unified platform for emitters and investors, it is a convenient way for the Far East emitters to attract investments into their projects and for investors to make safe transactions in several clicks by using advanced technologies.
FMF tasks
Positive ROI, attracting investors to purchase new shares on the website “AO Komsomolets.”
semantics is difficult for such a customer. A huge portion of requests was purely informational, and the most difficult part was to separate it from commercial requests.

Work performed:

  1. Analysis

    The detailed analysis of all customer’s components was carried out. Also, we deeply studied customer’s subjects, competitors, and their advantages.

  2. Creating the diagram of connections

    The extensive semantic core (213) was collected, it includes a group of wide keys that were qualitatively separated from informational queries. Several segments of the audience were pointed out by interests, behavior, and look-alike.

  3. Before the campaign start e-Commerce in Google Analytics was tuned in

  4. Creating the advertising campaign

    The exact target audience was found in AdWords which was aimed at "active investors" according to their interests, and advertising campaign was launched in Gmail.

  5. Creating ads

    120 ads were created. All of them went through A/B testing to highlight the most effective ones, all of them were added with specifications, quick links, mobile ads, etc.

Results achieved

This competent advertising campaign allowed achieving excellent results.

Contextual advertisement comprised a significant part of the entire traffic on the site per month. 86% of all the traffic came from advertising.

During the advertising campaign, the preference was given to Google AdWords platform.

The working results prove that the chosen route was right. The percentage of traffic by channels and the amount of income reveals that the results of Google AdWords platform is almost 7 times better than those of Yandex.Direct together with Advertisement Yandex Net. Almost the entire customer’s income came exactly from Google AdWords.

Within two months of the advertising campaign work, all the necessary shares were sold out, and customer’s ROI was 350%.

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