Business trip automation

Labor effort reduction to organize business trips and paperwork.

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Functional opportunities

Creating business trip request

Auto-check for exceptions, excess, corrections

Requests’ approval

Auto-check for conflicts in the business trip schedule

Automation of different indicators calculation

Creating and downloading printed document forms

Calculating rates for business trip of each employee

Creating notes in employees and managers schedules

ERP Systems integration: 1C, SAP

Module to book tickets, taxi, hotels

Solution description

To implement this system a list of e-documents is created – business trip requests.
With it:

Approval list

Requests to register business trips

Taxi requests

Advance money reports

Office memorandum

Acts on business trips registration

Acts on taxi


An employee creates a business trip, specifying the required fields

The system allows to create personalized calculation for a group of users (for example, “Tickets class”, “Per diem”, “Taxi limit”)

The system sends a notification about the upcoming business trip to the business travel agency

Agency presents an employee with a business trip proposal

Employee chooses specification and send a request for approval to the persons responsible for the trip

After the approval, system creates an order in ERP System, when it is signed, the program expects when the business trip is over and sends a request to enter a report

At the end of the trip, the employee provides a report to the account department. After approval, the account department performs the approval of acts from the agencies


Due to the introduction of the automation system to organize of business trips:


Reduced document approval time and improved trips’ planning efficiency


Control over travel expenses and preparation of reporting documentation is automated


Reduced labor efforts for paperwork and organization of business trips


Easier access to documentation

The system is flexibly integrated with all the company's systems and allows you to effectively use other tools to control and optimize costs, prepare various documentation and automate various business processes.

Costs and terms

from 200 000 batt

from 2 months

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When is it useful?

If there are errors in business trip organization and coordination, which lead to a delay in approval and loss of documents

If there is a need to reduce the time for request approval and to register business trip documents

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