SEO support

Convenient and transparent scheme of secondary business competencies.

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What is SEO support

The main difference from the regular website promotion is that you update the website by yourself. SEO support includes:

Gathering and classification of the semantics

Extended system analytics settings

SEO audit

Creating the promotion strategy

Developing specifications for the texts

Developing specifications for meta tags

Project goals consulting

Tracking implementation of the updates on the website

Monthly report with the current state analytics

Developing the plan for the upcoming month

The responsibility for the result lies entirely upon us

Who for

Business owners

SERO support is a perfect solution for you if you don’t want to grant access to your website and you have your own IT specialists.

High scale projects

Usually, high scale projects have very clear separation of different areas. We can handle promotion for you, developing and implementing may go to another contractor.

Software company

Often a client requests not only website development, but also promotion. You can delegate us the website promotion to offer a client the full-service package.


75 000 ฿ per month

When signing a contract for the entire year, the price is
disgusted on a case-by- case basis

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Interaction format

We develop and outline a monthly plan.

We input the goals and deadlines in the task manager.

We track the executors.

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