Intranet systems

Integrated solutions are directed towards creating a unified informational space to provide better quality and faster business processes.

The main objective of data integration projects is to provide a common information space, and one of the key objectives of 70% of the projects is to reduce the cost of maintaining scattered data and information processing time.

Within the scope of "Integrated solutions" we realize the following tasks:

Business apps integration

Design functional interactions and data flows between multiple applications from different vendors to create an integrated solution: cost-effective and efficient. Business applications integration involves both the solution design and the development of the necessary software modules, their testing and implementation in a productive information technology environment.

Creating analytical systems

Creating analytical system for various functional areas of the client's business (finance, logistics, commerce) with the use of data warehouse technologies and industry business models.

Creating data warehouse

Designing and implementing a data warehouse, including all aspects of the hardware and software platform and load subsystem, data clearing, logical and physical storage model.

Data migration

Design and implementation of data migration from existing applications to new application systems, including development of data conversion rules, programming and testing of converters, planning and conducting data migration.

Single source of accurate information, distribution of access to information blocks, data consistency in the systems provides a more complete integration and support of business processes.

FMF has the following approach when helping companies solve their integration problems:
  • Conducts a comprehensive IT analysis of the current state (applications, information flows, rules of interaction systems), analyzes IT business requirements, offers integration technologies based on global trends.
  • Designs information flows, storage data model, analytical systems.
  • Implements and provides support for the developed applications and systems.
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