Creating a visual concept of designing social networks for the restaurant

Creating a visual concept of designing social networks for the restaurant Customer: Calderazzo On 31, an Italian restaurant in Thailand
FMF tasks
Create a consistent visual concept of designing social networks for Calderazzo On 31 restaurant to further promote it in social networks.


A consistent visual style includes brand positioning, brand colors, fonts, tokens for creating photos or videos. Working through all these elements provides users with a pattern of associating certain element combinations with a particular brand.

Since the visual style should be easily remembered and scaled onto different media, we chose 3 figures: triangle, rectangle and circle as basic design elements.

The following colors were chosen for future templates:

The choice based on the psychology of percepting colors, green became the major color symbolizing freshness and lightness, while small splashes of red emphasize the emotions of the Italian restaurant and also serve as anchoring points of attention.

When forming all options of further visual style use, it was decided to focus on social networks. That's why, it was necessary to create simple upgradable templates for designing posts. The stylistic design consistency of the restaurant account feed increases its visibility in the general information flow.

To create a consistent visual style, some stylistically similar photos are also necessary besides the basic graphic elements. To do this, we held a professional photoshoot for the majority of client's popular dishes.

To illustrate the usage of the visual social network design we developed, we created a template package for Instagram stories per each day of the week.

Template samples for designing Instagram stories


As a result of the whole work done, design tokens for the consistent visual style of the restaurant were created. By combining them all together, it is possible to produce a great number of graphic materials that can be employed on completely different media. For example, the customer decided to further use our design-system in printing products of the restaurant in addition to their social networks.

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