Internet-shop promotion

The goal is to attract as much quality search traffic as possible and enlarge the order quantity.

Cost is from 30000 ฿ per month


Basic principles of promoting internet-shops do not differ from those of corporate sires, but there are a few features:

  • A great number of promoted pages due to a long list of queries.
  • There are different types of pages such as general and commodity. There are different query types: general (for example, an internet-shop of laptops), according to categories (i.e., Asus laptop) and commodity (i.e., Asus k53s laptop).
  • Increased requirements to the assortment completeness, quality of search functionality and commodity comparison.
  • Complex and extensive catalog structure. Filters and sorting out according to various characteristics.
  • The necessity to secure the unique content part from copying. All the necessary information concerning the decision on buying a product should be conveniently laid out.
Tasks executed

Depending on the specificity of an internet-shop we can offer an optimal promotion strategy. We’ll perform all the necessary work starting with looking for pictures and filling in commodity cards up to web-analytics and post-click analysis.

  1. We produce a quality semantic kernel taking into account the shop specificity. We have reasonable prices and delivery terms, we focus on commodity queries.
    If you have a large assortment and there is a lot to choose from, we focus on general queries.
  2. We analyze key queries by dividing them according to types and define landing pages.
  3. We optimize landing pages.
  4. We provide the technical analysis of the site and eliminate errors. We constantly supervise the technical site condition.
  5. We analyze the site functionality and offer solutions on its improvement. We prototype, agree and implement solutions.
  6. We increase the quantitative and qualitative external site reference weight and supervise link availability.
  7. Together with a customer we work on completeness of the content presented on the site. We fill in commodity cards, look for pictures in the Internet and post them or arrange photo shooting.
  8. We increase the snippet click-through rate using data markup and special formats of commodity data delivery to search engines.
  9. Post-click analysis. We assess the efficiency of traffic sources and recommend on redistributing budgets.
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