Complex promotion of the property project in Phuket (Thailand)

Complex promotion of the property project in Phuket (Thailand)
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Customer: Civetta Villas, an elite estate located in Phuket

Commencement of work

Not only does a competent digital strategy allow carefully arranging the work process, but also helps avoid many errors at each work stage. During the stage of its formation, we analyzed all aspects of the customer's business, made the profile of the target audience and defined the main communication channels.

Target audience analysis and description

While developing the digital strategy the decision was made to focus on the following target audience:

  • Age – 35+.
  • Lifecycle – a couple wiht higher education, with or without children.
  • Reference background – they have already bought at least one house and are thinking to buying 2 or 3.
  • Purchaser aim is to live in a house for a month or half a year and/or to consider it as their investment with further letting on lease.

Judging by the audience profile, the main factors of this audience primarily pay attention when choosing a residential property have been formulated:

  • Geographic location;
  • Price, additional terms;
  • The number of bedrooms and bathrooms;
  • Convenience;
  • Taxes.

Based on the target audience aims the following communication channels have been developed:

  • SMM (Facebook)
  • Paid advertising in Google search
  • Search engines (SEO)

The work performed


Within the given project SMM work was done to additionally motivate “warm” customers and answer the questions what they are interested in. Thus, the following work was carried out in Facebook group:

  • Creating the content-plan taking into account SMM aims and tasks (informing customer about news, aspects of buying the property and so on) was made;
  • The number of participants was supported as well as new ones attracted.
  • Group administration;
  • The community was regularly filled with posts;
  • The customer’s staff was timely informed on requests made through personal messages.


At the very beginning of our work with the customer we analyzed all the individual components, studied market segments, competitors and the customer’s advantages over them. After that the following work was done:

  • An extensive semantic core was assembled, including a group of broad clues which are qualitatively devoid of retrieval requests.
  • Advertising campaigns divided according to site and target types (key phrases, interests, remarketing lists and a lot more) were developed.
  • Advertising campaigns in Google Adwords divided according to the site type, geo- reference and competitors were developed. Also, retargeting and impressions were set up according to audience segments.
  • A/B testing of all advertisements was made to reveal the most efficient ones. All of them were updated and added with shortcuts, mobile adverts and etc.
  • End-to-end analytics was set up.


Before starting work on SEO just like with PPC, the market analytics was carried out, competitors and growth points were identified. After that the following was performed:

  • Semantics divided into geo-dependent and geo-independent queries was collected and clustered;
  • The system of visibility analytics in search engines was set up;
  • The algorithm to generate meta tags was developed and implemented;
  • More than 20 SEO texts were written and posted;
  • Micro-markup was implemented;
  • The system of page interlinking was developed and implemented;
  • All content duplicates were found and removed, with HTML code optimized.

Within the working process the regular analytics of all intermediate results was carried out to reveal and remove any errors which can directly or indirectly (through deteriorating behavior characteristics) produce any negative effect on positions.


As a result, we completed the necessary KPI, and all customer’s available houses were sold. Besides, a favorable base for a future advertising campaign was formed thanks to the work on SMM.

Houses sold
Organic search traffic +320%
The number of participants in the Facebook community +4000 people
Average monthly number of PPC leads 32
Monthly average number of leads from all channels 85
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