The promotion of the new shopping center in Thailand by KOLs (influencers)

The promotion of the new shopping center in Thailand by KOLs (influencers)
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Customer: Central Patong Phuket, a new large shopping center in the tourist area of Patong, Phuket.
FMF tasks
To increase awareness of the new shopping center among the relevant target audience of Russian-speaking influencers and celebrities


Stage 1 Placement options

To interact with the audience, the customer was offered placement options in two major social networks, which are actively used by Russians, "Instagram" and "Vkontakte".

When choosing influencers for "Central Patong" advertising campaign, firstly, we paid attention to general topics of their blogs. Later we analyzing the published content, audience loyalty and advertising activity of the potential candidates, the customer was offered 30 influencers in Instagram and 10 groups in the social network Vkontakte.

As a result, we chose five Instagram-accounts, four of them have been staying in the territory of Thailand for a long time. They focus on different aspects of life in this country, which allowed us to convey the information about the new shopping center in the most native form to the target audience that is keen on the life in Thailand. 3 groups discussing tourism topics were selected in Vkontakte, they showed lifestyle in other countries.

Also, Anfisa Chekhova, a Russian TV host and actress, was chosen as one of the influencers in Instagram, because she travels a lot and has plenty of loyal subscribers in her account.

Stage 2 Publications in Instagram

After agreed the list of Instagram-accounts with the customer, we prepared several posts which were sent to influencers. Each of them adapted the information to their account styles to achieve the utmost nativeness of advertising integration.

For example, one of the influencers visited the shopping center and took her photo for the post against its background. This allowed her both to organically fit the post into her account feed and properly answer the questions on the new shopping center in comments. Besides, another influencer additionally made a series of Stories, where she said that all the stores in Pattaya had been already investigated, and now she was going to explore a new shopping center in Patong. Such a step allowed her to fit the advertising integration with maximum nativeness.

Anfisa Chekhova (@Achehova) added a true-to-life short story, where she reported how she missed such a shopping center before. Thanks to this story the advertising integration fitted the general style of her account most organically.

To get the variety of advertising presentation, one of the influencers who regularly travels in Asia, prepared the post about the best shopping places in Asia, with the first place given to the information on the advertised shopping center. This step made the post more informative and useful for subscribers. Such a format was appreciated by the audience, as evidenced by the number of comments, forwarding the post to personal messages and adding it to the section "Saved".

It is clearly seen through the analysis of comments and post statistics among all influencers that the audience positively accepted the advertising integration.

Stage 3 Publications in Vkontakte

The advertising campaign in Vkontakte was carried out in three groups discussing tourism topics, as unlike Instagram, personal pages in this social network are less relevant than profile communities. Advertising with low budgets brought more than 60 000 views (CPM ~41.7 ฿). Also, users showed their interest in the shopping center which was advertised.


The results of the advertising campaign fully satisfied the customer's requirements. Thanks to the thorough selection of candidates, we received an extremely positive response from the community of opinion leaders and no criticism of the advertising integration. A large number of post additions into the "Saved" section of Instagram and a number of comments indicate the increase of shopping center awareness among the Russian-speaking population.

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