Paid traffic for website

The goal is to attract high quality traffic from search engines

Cost is from 30000 ฿ per month

Who for

Suitable for companies with products and services comprehensively described within a small semantic core. Usually, there are no more than 1000 pages on this kind of websites.


  • The lowest cost per visitor compared to other options
  • Comprehensive efforts to optimize all the web pages
  • Risk diversification due to the changes in ranking algorithms


  • Billing occurs when the fixed base of the traffic value is reached
  • Brand query redirection isn’t taken into account
  • The list of stop-words to cut out the information requests
  • All the web pages are covered, when needed the new ones will be created to include the wider semantics
Tasks executed
  1. We produce a maximal semantic kernel describing the site content.
  2. We analyze key queries and define landing pages.
  3. We optimize landing pages.
  4. We provide the technical analysis of the site and eliminate errors. We constantly supervise the technical site condition.
  5. We analyze the site functionality and work out recommendations on its development and expansion.
  6. We describe and implement algorithms of creating meta tags for all significant sections.
  7. We increase the quantitative and qualitative external site reference weight and supervise link availability.
  8. We increase the snippet click-through rate using data markup and special formats of data delivery to search engines.
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