Website promotion

As part of the website promotion, we solve a range of problems, both purely technical and more complex that require serious analytical resources connected to improving business logic and website usability.

Services Performed

  • Create high-quality semantic core without information requests and zero frequency requests.
  • Distribute key requests by landing pages.
  • Optimize landing pages.
  • Analyze the website for technical errors and eliminate them. Constantly monitor the technical state of the site.
  • Analyze the site usability, offer solutions to improve it. Prototype solutions, agree, implement.
  • Increase qualitatively and quantitively the outside link mass of the site, monitor the link efficiency.
  • Work together with a customer on the completeness of the content presented on the site. The customer provides the content and we code and upload it.
  • Analyze customer’s business logic and adapt the website in a way that it better suits the business needs.

Cooperation schemes

For each task, we can offer an optimal cooperation scheme by considering the website and business specifics.

  • Working on fixed list of queries
  • Payment depends on the position in the search queries
Effective for
corporate and new websites
Moscow – from 30000 ฿ per month.
Regions – from 15000 ฿ per month.
  • The work is to attract as many search traffic with specified quality criteria as possible
  • Traffic from brand and information queries doesn’t get charged
  • Payment depends on the attracted traffic volume
Effective for
online stores, portals and content projects
From 30000 ฿ per month
  • The task is to attract the highest possible number of requests from the website
  • Set up the tools to track requests
  • Use all the online marketing tools
  • Increase conversion
Effective for
online stores
From 50000 ฿ per month

Website types

Online stores are the websites that sell goods on the internet. Allow the user to go through all the stages of buying goods online. Online stores have large range of products grouped by the type, brand, key characteristics, etc.

The key parameters determining the success are a price level, and logistics.
Customers are mostly individuals.

Effective cooperation schemes:
payment based on traffic and requests

Portals are the websites that offer people service to help search for information.

Portals don’t create their own content; it comes from the open sources on the internet, and users create it. Key parameters determining success – content thickness and service quality.

Clients are companies and/or individuals, depending on the monetization model.

Effective cooperation schemes:
payment based on traffic and SEO audit, consulting and analytics

Content projects are the websites that create content: news, articles, reviews, etc.

In this type of projects, content is created by professional journalists and analysts. The key parameters determining success are the quality and volume of content.

Customers are mostly companies.

Effective cooperation schemes:
payment based on traffic and SEO audit, consulting and analytics

New websites are the websites that have low trust credit from the search system, low content volume and are not very convenient.

Effective cooperation schemes:
payment based on the position
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