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The PPC is a tool to attract target audience to your website. In 2 days you will start receiving first requests through the website.

It is important to follow certain rules to make sure that PPC brings positive results.

5 important rules for effective PPC configuration

1 area = 2 companies.

You need to create at least 2 advertisement campaigns per each area of business. One for Search, another one for Yandex or Google.

1 key = 1 post.

Creating a post per each key query is important.

The right negative words.

Negative words help to eliminate all the non-target traffic; it leaves only the effective queries.

Setting up the goals.

Allows to effectively track the results of the advertisement campaign.


With their help, we get the most accurate information about the transitions from ads.

These rules for contextual advertising configuration are aimed primarily to gather high-quality statistics, which allows you to determine the most effective phrases and ads in an advertising campaign.

Our adventages

FMF is a certified contextual advertising Agency since 2009. We are official partners of Google Adwords.

We have provided contextual advertising services to more than 340 companies in Thailand, Russia, ASEAN and countries in Europe.

Companies like KIA Motors, PIK Group, MIEL Group, “Etalon-Invest”, Penny Lane Realty, Federal Service for Surveillance on Consumer Rights Protection and Human Wellbeing, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, The Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, Russian Post Office, Sun InBev, Russian Television and Radio Broadcast Network, etc. are among our customers.

10th place in the rating of the PPC agencies
10th place in the rating of the agencies

What is included in contextual advertising services
Planning and preparation
Launch, monitoring and optimization
  • market segment analytics;
  • selecting key words based on the planned budget;
  • creating effective texts for posts;
  • determining the target pages;
  • selecting the optimum posting strategy per each advertisement campaign;
  • determining KPI (key performance indicator);
  • developing virtual business card;
  • advertisement campaign launch;
  • daily rate adjustment;
  • connect intelligent rate management system;
  • set up Google Analytics counter to monitor campaign effectiveness;
  • improve CTR and grow conversion;
  • post-click analysis;
  • campaign/ads A/B testing;
  • improve advertisement campaign to increase CTR;
  • personal manager;
  • on-call support;
  • provide reports and recommendations;
  • consulting on emerging issues.
How to order PPC in 4 simple steps
  1. Send a request

    We are going to check your request within 1 working day, and our specialist is going to contact you to clarify the details.
  2. Media plan

    Based on the analysis, we compile a media plan to attract target customers from Yandex and Google. The media plan contains a forecast of the target traffic, customers and the cost of circulation.
  3. Contract

    We agree on and sign a contract, which describes all the guarantees and obligations of the parties.
  4. Configuration and launching PPC

    Within 3 working days our specialists prepare advertising campaigns for launch.

Starts at 50 000 ฿ per each system of contextual advertisement

Support and setup
10% from the advertisement budget, but not less than 10 000฿ per each system of contextual advertisement


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