Contextual media network

Google contextual media network allows to attract clients by posting different advertisement. This network includes over two million websites, which covers around 90% of Internet users. You can address your potential clients when they go through their favorite websites, check their Gmail or use mobile websites and applications.

Advertisement placement in contextual media network

Contextual media network allows to place ads on many websites and application. These are just a few examples:

  • Google AdSense publishing websites, including AdSense for domains and AdSense for mistakes.
  • DoubleClick Ad Exchange publishers’ websites.
  • Google Finance, Blogger, Youtube and other Google websites, but not Search.
Advertisement formats

Text ads

Ads comprise of several words.

Responsive ads

Size, appearance and responsive ads format change automatically according to the specifics of the available advertisement places.

Graphic Ads

Static and interactive images.

Product Ads

Text ads with description and price, leading to the page that advertises the product in the online shop.

Starts at 50 000 ฿ per each system of contextual advertisement

Support and setup
10% from the advertisement budget, but not less than 10 000฿ per each system of contextual advertisement


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