SEO website audit

Search audit of your website is to increase its
promotion efficiency.

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When is it going to be useful?

Promotion doesn’t show any results— Have you been doing the promotion with one company with no results for over half a year? We are going to check how well your providers work. After the audit you are going to find out all current website problems and reasons for getting low positions.

The stage of the website development— You have started developing your website, so you would like to have high positions? You have to understand that developers are not SEO specialists. First of all, they start working under your technical task. We will help you create the technical assignment takes into account all search engine requirements.

Launching a website— You have made your website, but there are no visitors? Avoiding consultations with SEO specialists is a typical mistake when creating a website. Developers don’t frequently optimize the site according to the search requirements. An audit can help you resolve this situation.

Launching new traffic channels— You don’t have any traffic from searching, and you have decided to add context? Not only does SEO audit develop technical side of the website, but also it deals with behavioral factors. If you want to avoid wasting your budget, consult with us first.

Sharp drop in visiting— Has your traffic from search engines drastically dropped down? There were a lot of visitors from search engines, but now traffic tends to go the wrong way. Perhaps, you got under search engine sanctions. Audit will surely help know the traffic drop reason.

Implementing new directions— Are you expanding your business and adding new services on your website? To effectively promote new services you have to create landing pages meeting all the search engine requirements. Our audit will enable you to do it and reveal your errors.

What does audit include?

There are only the best experts that have repeatedly proved their competence in practice. Our audit differs from the free ones, because real people work on each website. The specialist is fully immersed in the client's theme, which allows revealing weak sides of the website compared to those of your competitors. The audit includes the following stages:


The analysis
of statistics


The analysis
of external factors


The analysis
of internal factors


The analysis
of behavioral factors


The analysis
of a promotion strategy


Link Building

SEO audit cost and the scope of work

  • SEO description, rationale and usability of errors
  • the description of the technique of correct work to be done on errors specified
  • Methods of eliminating mistakes, developing simple static prototypes

from 20 000฿

  • Creating, clustering and visualizing semantics
  • SEO description, rationale and usability of errors
  • Describing the technique of correct work to be done on errors specified
  • Pointing out methods of eliminating mistakes. Developing prototypes for your tasks
  • Developing algorithms to generate meta tags for landing pages
  • Preparing algorithms of technical tasks to write optimized texts

from 50 000฿


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