Since 1999 we have realized over a hundred projects of various difficulty levels: corporate websites to huge and multi-layered internet portals.

8th place in the rating of government website developers.

Project execution is split into two parts: analytical and practical. Each stage has the following characteristics:

Conceptualizing and analysis

Analysis and developing requirements to the website, and creating its architecture. As a result of such a technical requirement. On this stage the following steps are made:

Analysis of the competitive websites

In the beginning we research and analyze current potential competition. When developing the structure and the design concept we take into account this analysis. We summarize the results and apply the best case practices, also we avoid the mistakes that others made. The website we work on has to be better in everything.

Setting goals and tasks

It is important to figure out what is the website purpose and whom is it made for in order to make this website a high-quality and effective marketing tool. Determine target audience and the needs of all users.

Developing structure

We create a universal model for the future website based on the accumulated demand of presenting information and analysis of competitors’ websites.


Creating the project execution plan takes into account the following concepts:

Design concept

The main characteristics of the website design are chosen according to the target audience.

Technical concept

We strive to stay relevant, we constantly develop and improve our knowledge, learn newest technologies and find creative, smart and simple solutions.

Our software solutions are created according to the basic conditions of the customer and the following requirements:
  1. Safety. We strive to create reliable and safe products, and to provide safety when transferring confidential information. One of the most important conditions to provide privacy is using HTTPS when needed.
  2. Versatility. Our software solutions can be deployed on any popular platform (Windows and Unix compatible).
  3. Scalability. When working on the design we create almost unlimited number of opportunities to extend any part of the website with new services and structure elements.
  4. Optimization. Software module code is optimized to function for a long time without any interruption.

The website is optimized for search systems, and it gets high positions in the search systems based on the key queries.

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