Portal promotion

The goal is to attract as much quality search traffic as possible.

Cost is from 30000 ฿ per month.


Each portal is unique and has its own nuances, but the following features will be typical to most of them:

  • A great number of promoted pages.
  • Maximal semantic kernel including both commercial and non-commercial queries.
  • The content volume is constantly growing. New content needs indexing without losing the old one.
  • Complex multilayer site structure.
  • The necessity to secure the unique content part from copying.
  • The necessity to provide the high ranking of non-unique content.
  • The increased requirements to the content completeness (the number of companies in reference books, the number of adverts in classified -services).
  • The increased requirements to the search service quality.
Tasks executed

Depending on the portal specificity we can offer the optimal promotion strategy:

  1. We produce a maximal semantic kernel describing the site content.
  2. We analyze key queries and define landing pages.
  3. We optimize landing pages.
  4. We provide the technical analysis of the site and eliminate errors. We constantly supervise the technical site condition.
  5. We analyze the site functionality and work out recommendations on its development and expansion.
  6. We describe and implement algorithms of creating meta tags for all significant sections.
  7. We increase the quantitative and qualitative external site reference weight and supervise link availability.
  8. We increase the snippet click-through rate using data markup and special formats of data delivery to search engines.
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