SEO of website

SEO of website
Website address:
Customer: KIA Motors, one of the oldest Korean car manufacturer founded in 1944.
The dealer network includes more than 180 centers in Russia. The Russian brand representative, KIA Motors Rus, guarantees: KIA automobiles provided in our country are maximally adapted to the Russian operation conditions and targeted at needs and preferences.
The cooperation with FMF started in 2005 (at first, the distributor’s site was promoted, next, an official brand importer in Russia which was opened in 2009).
Website tasks
To raise the brand awareness.
the dealer’s network includes more than 180 centers;
the competition with dealers’ sites including vital queries; the regular update of automobile model range;
the company corporate standards imposing restrictions on opportunities of editing navigation, design and functional site modules.
FMF tasks
image promotion and improvement of customer’s site positions.


At the beginning of the site work the customer faced the problems connected with the site construction and made optimization errors.

Work performed

We had an opportunity to insert minimal technical changes into website due to strict corporate standards set by Korean partners from the KIA Motors headquarters.

  1. One of the first tasks was to arrange and maintain service tags active/ meta-tags transfer service information to search robots and browsers, therefore their maintenance should be maximally informative and relevant.
    First of all, the algorithm of generating meta-tags has been developed and realized:
  2. After that there appeared the necessity to optimize site images so that to increase their search by pictures. By controlling service attributes – alt and title images – we made automobile photos presented on the site more relevant.
    • The alt and title generation algorithm realized:
  3. One of the optimization errors was addressing links indirectly: some blocks (for example, a footer) contained links onto model pages set on the out-of-date pages with the further redirect to relevant ones.

    This error was eliminated.

  4. There were official pages (an authorization page, versions for printing and so on) in the search engine index. The appropriate directives prohibiting their indexation were added into robots.txt file.
  5. The regular restructuring and frequent upgrading of the site required permanent SEO-specialists to perform permanently monitoring and controlling optimization requirements. In particular, url-addresses of pages were sometimes changed, so it demanded to set up correct redirects. News sections were updated every day, special offers were done weekly as well as pages with models, complete sets and prices

Results achieved

Below is site attendance after the beginning their cooperation with FMF, it vividly shows how the organic traffic has changed since launching the site. The impressive growth of the site attendance is clearly revealed.

Graph. Attendance from the search uploaded from Google Analytics

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