Google Purchases

You can increase your sales volume by using Google catalog; it is easy to introduce your products to the visitors and attract new users and customers.

  1. It is a new tool, and there is no competition yet. Google purchases will bring new customers and it is doesn’t cost much.
  2. Your product offer will be accompanied with an eye-catching image. Among the general search results in Google this tool provides a great advantage.
  3. Prices for ads are much lowers, you can save money and increase conversion.
  4. When the buyer clicks the product ad it links to the product card, but not to the platform with the competing offerings (like in Yandex.Market).
  5. Product information shows up in Google search results, and million potential clients see can see it.

Product ads allow you to show the product to potential customers at the right moment when he or she is searching for it in

Starts at 50 000 ฿ per each system of contextual advertisement

Support and setup
10% from the advertisement budget, but not less than 10 000฿ per each system of contextual advertisement


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