Corporate portal of Kerry Logistics

Corporate portal of Kerry Logistics Customer: Kerry Logistics
the subdivision of the Asian largest logistics service providers for the B2B sector.
it is necessary to develop and estimate the project by creating and implementing a corporate portal with the most convenient and customizable interface which will encourage employees to use.
the list of required functionalities, brand book

The work performed.

Stage 1 Designing and evaluation.

At this stage the software architect constructed the application structure scheme as well as described the integration points with external software products. The basis of the application architecture involved the use of existing sophisticated techniques to create modular software systems designed for high loads. Modules are designed to realize the functionality overlapping the customer's business needs. The labor costs were evaluated to implement this architecture.

The original data allowed to developing the site map describing the most optimal and friendly-user routes of receiving the key information.

The main concept was to provide a simplified basic interface with the possibility of personalization. It was proposed to implement the abundance of portal functionality by means of pluggable widgets.

Flexible configuration, simplicity and convenience are the basic principles of the user interface.

While preparing the concept of the corporate portal design, the extensive analytics was carried out. The research was made on the basis of our experience in implementing products.

As a result, the interface concept was prepared, which allows user to customize the workspace individually.

Stage 3 Preparing the implementation scheme

Our key advantage lies in the desire to produce products having maximum efficiency. Our goal is to develop tools that will enable customers to solve their business-tasks in full. Based on the mentioned above, our colleagues at Kerry Logistics asked us to work out the methodology for implementing the corporate portal and its further technical support. Eventually, it was presented, including:

  • The formation of a customer’s working group of 4-5 people, where is a manager responsible for the interaction with our representative.
  • Buying and setting up hosting as well as placing the ready software product on a demo server (staging server) and production server (production server).
  • Providing the access to the portal and operating documentation (user and administrator’s instructions).
  • Training the working group by our specialists.
  • Checking the software product compliance with the technical assignment by the working group, then they present claims to be removed if they fit the original requirements. In case of improvements are beyond the agreed TA, an additional agreement is made to insert the improvements.
  • Signing the delivery-acceptance certificate, transferring full rights for the hosting and software product (including the source code).
  • Additional training of a group including 20 customer’s representatives.
  • Automatic notification of the company’s employees about a new software product.
  • Providing one calendar month of warranty information technology support, some minor malfunctions can be eliminated.
  • (Optional) Providing a contract for the technical support of the project. The technical support is supplied in packages of 30hrs, 50hrs or 100hrs (cost to be added). The technical support also includes the services on assisting Kerry Logistics representatives to implement and update the system. One task cannot require workhours more than 50% of the selected technical support package. When tasks exceed 50% of the selected support package, additional agreements are to be signed. At the end of each month a full technical support report is to be provided.
  • (Optional). Making a technical assignment for the second stage, signing an agreement for further product development.

Stage 4 Preparing reports and presentation materials.

Based on the work results the report and presentation material were submitted, included the following items:


The full list of all the work performed and description of the methodology of implementing the product


the developed architecture schemes of the application with the detailed description of the system functionality


the visual design of the main application user interface pages

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