H-Promise trading platform

H-Promise trading platform
Website address: HPromise.hyundai.ru
Customer: “Hyundai Motor CIS” is the Russian distributor of South Korea car manufacturer «Hyundai Motor Company». The leading positions of Hyundai in the national automobile market are mainly achieved due to “Hyundai Motor CIS”.
  • To increase sales of automobiles by H-Promise programme;
  • To increase customers’ involvement in the trade-in mechanism;
  • To automatize reporting on H-Promise programme and trade-in mechanism.
  • To provide a customer with the catalogue on cars with mileage all over Russia;
  • To provide a customer with an opportunity to put a request for evaluating his/her car for sale without leaving their houses;
  • To provide a dealer with an opportunity to enlarge the catalogue on cars with mileage;
  • To provide a dealer with an opportunity to instantly get requests for evaluating a customer’s car for sale;
  • To create the system of automatic reports on H-promise programme and Trade-in mechanism.
Creating a web-service HPromise.hyundai.ru

Service description


  1. customer’s interface;
  2. dealer’s interface;
  3. distributor’s interface.

1. Customer’s interface

H-Promise Programme

A customer can find an automobile certified by H-Promise programme all over Russia by filtering prices, mileage, automobile characteristics. The service provides a possibility to compare indicators of several cars with one another.

The service allows a customer to ask a dealer, to book a car or plan its test-drive.

The service contains a Credit calculator for a customer to count loan terms:

  • to choose the sum of his/her first payment;
  • to define the loan period;

To choose a bank in the list of banks – Hyundai partners. A customer can print out a loan agreement for each bank or send it to e-mail.

Trade-in Mechanism

A customer can send online data on his/her automobile to be evaluated. To do that it is necessary to indicate:

  • a dealer;
  • contact data;
  • information on the automobile.

The data to be evaluated will be automatically sent to the dealer.

2. Dealer’s interface

Each dealer can put automobiles for sale by H-Promise programme:

  • Manually (file upload - xml+jpg, xls+jpg, zip);
  • Automatically (SOAP or POST protocols).

Using his/her personal account dealer can work with:

  • evaluation requests;
  • booking a purchase;
  • customers’ questions..

3. Distributor’s interface

The service provides a distributor with the module depicting reports that can be uploaded.

Report list:

  • Dealers’ activity in updating portal data;
  • Total number of automobiles on sale;
  • The number of sold automobiles with mileage within the period;
  • Total number of automobile in stock;
  • Statistics on upload errors made by dealers;
  • Statistics on requests processed by a dealer;
  • Statistics on customers’ viewing automobiles on the portal;
  • An average sale price for an automobile with mileage;
  • An average purchase price for an automobile with mileage;
  • Revenue from selling automobiles with mileage;
  • Gross profit;
  • Efficiency;
  • Automobile share on sales;
  • Warehouse turnover in months;
  • An average cost per one automobile on sale;
  • Profit percentage on investments;
  • Changing an automobile price in the sale process;
  • Cars sold (payment justifications).


The average number of cars with mileage sold through the service is 300 per month.

The average number of customers’ requests through the portal is 30 per month.

The time a dealer needed to collect reports reduced from 8 hours up to 1 hour.

Currently the company “FMF” is technically supporting the service HPromise.hyundai.ru.

Within this technical support:

  • A module for searching dealers all over Russia has been added;
  • Trade-in page has been redesigned.
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