The concept of redesigning Kerry Logistics site

The concept of redesigning Kerry Logistics site
Website address:
Customer: Kerry Logistics
the subdivision of the Asian largest logistics service providers for the B2B sector.
it is necessary to create the concept of redesigning the website based on the existing brand book.
Brand book is the existing site

Commencement of work

At the very beginning of the project the customer was thoroughly interviewed. The interview revealed the detailed requirements, and additional material was received. The following requirements were set:

  • provide the suggestion on redesigning the site taking into account the corporate style;
  • provide recommendations on the best placement for the final product;
  • provide recommendations and calculations for further promoting and supporting the product developed.

The work performed

Stage 1 The analysis of competitors.

To work out the most relevant offer, our specialists carried out the search, choice and analysis of the most important competitors. The following companies were chosen as major competitors on the basis of their characteristics

Company 1 is in TOP-10 of the Google search engine results according to relevant queries.

Traffic is ~11 000 users per month

Company 2 takes one of the key positions in the market of logistics companies of Thailand.

Traffic is ~130 000 users per month

Company 3 is the international company ranked the second place in the category «Transportation and Logistics» (

Traffic is ~130 000 users per month

The data were collected by using specialized instruments, the analysis of SEO-indicators was made, pluses and minuses of UX/UI solutions presented on competitors’ sites were estimated. The analysis was made on:

  • marketing indicators
  • main SEO-indicators
  • criteria of site convenience
  • quality of presenting and prioritizing the information importance

Stage 2 Analysis of the original site.

Using the same criteria for competitors the original site was analyzed, which resulted in revealing the strong and weak sides of the current solution.

Stage 3 Concept development.

After collecting and analyzing the information, the recommendations on developing a new site concept were created.

Based on the customer’s material the main design layout was made, it included the maximum advantages of competitors’ sites. It presented our vision reflecting the use of Kerry Logistics corporate style in combination with persuasive design principles.

The first screen contains the most significant information designated both for new users and company’s customers.

The most significant elements for the new audience will be:

  • the banners slide reflect the information on opportunities for each concrete group of the target audience,
  • contact data and the button “leave an inquiry”.

The great importance for the existing customers are:

  • the way of tracking freight,
  • offers that can be also placed on banners.

The second screen presents the company reference information which is necessary for new audience as well as to create the key opinion about the company.

The second screen presents the company reference information which necessary for new audience as well as to create the key opinion about the company.

The lower part of the concept contains standard Network and Footer blocks which we made more contrast, and allows to keep users’ attention fixed on the elements themselves.

Stage 4 Proposal creation and presentation

The audit and competitors’ market research were presented as the report accompanied by presentation materials.


The visual design of main site pages with the description of all sections and complex marketing strategy


the complete description of the work performed, integration processes and launching the project into operation


the complete commercial offer with the calculation of cost and technical support processes

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